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Library log in repeating, without access


My Edinburgh Library login sort of works, but when I try to actually access the paper it asks me for my pin, which it accepts and recognises as correct.

Then it doesn't unloc the paper, so I click on the key for the next page and it does it all again. This is on the webpage, using the latest Firefox.

On the windows app I cannot put in the library details, there is no place to do so. it goes straight to the $1.99 for access. 

If I login online or on one of my android devices, I then have access on my win 10 app.

Currently though no access anywhere.



Richard Blair

Official comment


Hello Richard,

We may require your login information in order to be able to replicate this problem, to figure further details. We understand that it may not be something you may like to share, and if possible, try reaching out to the librarian if they will be able to look into it further.

In any case, you can reach out to us directly at for further assistance.


PressReader Care

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