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I have cancelled my subscription and you still withdraw money from my account

Hello !

I have cancelled my subscription on January 25.  I received an acknowledgement on my iPad, but never a confirmation via email.

Then, on January 30, you charged my account again.  

I have contacted you via email but got no response.

In the first week of February, I contacted Amex to contest the charge.  They gave me the phone number 604 278-4604 and suggested that I try to resolve the matter with you directly.  From there, I was not able to reach anyone as there was no option to reach a real person unless we knew the name of that real person.

On February 27, I contacted American Express again to inform them that I had never received a response to my email and that I tried to reach Press Reader by phone but had not been able to reach a human being.  I asked to contest the charge that was made on January 30 and they gave me ticket no D-8538703, and to block any future request for payment.

On February 28, another payment went of $39.99 went through just the same.  I guess the guy at AMEX was not quick enough to stop the payment.  I call them this morning and am contesting two payments.

If you look in your logs, you will witness that I have not used the product since January 25.

Can you please take care of that on an amicable basis.  Reimburse my credit card for $79.98





Serge Doyon

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Hello Serge,

We have searched our database and don't seem to have received any cancellation requests from you.

I see that you had used your subscription last on Feb 28 (download to iPad Pro) and on another device Feb 12 (download to SD's iPhone 6S).

We have cancelled your subscription and processed a refund accordingly. Should you require further assistance, please reach us at


PressReader Care


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Thanks for having solved the problem and credited my account.  This is more like the experience I had with you so far.  I subscribe for certain periods, cancel for others, and re-subcribe.  It always went well.

Regarding your comments. 

1) I did not dowload anything to iPad Pro.  I logged in to try to find how to contact the support or customer service department.  I did not browse any newspaper nor dowload any.

2) I do not have an iPad 6S.  I have an iPhone X.  I might have logged to check again how to get in touch with you.  Did not read nor download any newspaper on any of my device.  I have cancelled on January 25 using my iPad or my iPhone and it was easy. It told me that my subscription was ending that same day.

Finally, I did reach you  in this community, from my laptop and thank you for the service and the care.

I will be back as a subscriber.  I like your product.  And now I like your customer service reaction.

Kind regards.

A satisfied customer.



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Hello Serge,

Thank you for the compliment, and we are happy to be of help. We hope to see you soon again!


PressReader Care


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