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nyt replica edition

Today, 2/10/19, when I use my BOOKMARKED link for accessing the NYT, I briefly (~.5 second) see the usual page, then browser go to some other page (I've  never seen before) for the NYT and I cannot access pages (particularly the NYT SundayMagazine) that I need to print.

The link is:

This link has produced the same page result for years! 

What is going on today?

Michael Hughes

Official comment


Hello Michael,

NY Times Replica is now offered in HTML5 format,

Although the old link is supposed to re-direct you to the new HTML5 site, there may be a problem, that we'd like to review. Please try the above mentioned new link, and if you still notice any problems, contact us directly at so that we can review further.


PressReader Care


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