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Why does IOS app suck so much?

Hi, why has pressreader become so bad?  The IOS app will not download my automatic subscriptions when they become available...Newspapers that are there one day are gone the next (The Courier Mail).  Why do you make me press OK when you think I'm reading too much.  Isn't an unlimited personal subscription authorized to read whatever you like.  I read about 5 newspapers a day and every time I have to click OK to your stupid little remark about "you're reading a lot".  It's why I subscribed, so I can read a lot.  Needless to say, I have cancelled my subscription as your app simply sucks and is almost unusable.

Bill Curry

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Hi Bill

Sorry to hear this. The subscription is not unlimited, and offers a fair number of issues to read (based on our 'fair usage policy'). However, despite this, as you have noticed, if a higher than usual number of issues are read, your subscription won't be stopped. You will only be reminded that you may be going over our fair usage policy.

If you may require further assistance, please contact


PressReader Care

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