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Print Right Hand Page in Windows 10 app

So PressReader has taken me to the Windows 10 app (which is horrible) and I'm struggling to print.

On the old PressReader; I could print the left / right page alone on A4. In the new one; I can only print the left page. I cannot work out how to get the right page without going Landscape and printing both the left and right page together. I only want the right page, A4, Portrait!

How do I achieve this in the Windows 10 PressReader??

James Forbes

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Hi James,

We have created a ticket for you, since we need to get more details from you.

We are investigating printing issues with the app, however printing online at on your Win 10 device/PC should work as expected.


PressReader Care

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Here is a solution to printing the right-hand page: In the little menu window on the left side which includes PRINT, click on the horizontal double headed arrow.  In this mode you can move to the desired page, and then print it.

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