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keyword combinations for topics


I'm trying to set up topics but can't figure out how to properly combine keywords.

In order for topics to be useful for me, I have to set more than one keyword and combine them either in a "keyword A AND keyword B" way or in a "keyword A OR Keyword B" way and maybe also a "keyword A BUT NOT keyword B" way.

I tried using commas to combine keywords but the result is not satisfying. Using AND or OR doesn't work at all, since it then apparently searches for "and" in the articles.

Also, I would like to set up one topic to be able to search articles about a specific topic published in several languages. How do I combine the keywords in different languages properly so pressreader doesn't search for ALL keywords in one article (which is basically impossible as I typed in the various translations of one word into the keywords?

Many thanks in advance,

So Fast

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Hello Sophie,

We need examples of the search that you are performing online, please provide a couple of such examples with us at and we will be happy to review further.


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