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Unable to log in using Hertfordshire library account


I am unable to sign in to either the IOS app or the pressreader website with my library card and PIN - it simply says 'Library is not available at the moment'. I know the number and PIN work as I can use it on the audiobook service that the library uses.

Do I have to be in an actual library and connected using their wifi to be able to login to Pressreader? I had thought I could do it from home but maybe I am mistaken?


Mark Stephenson

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your post. You should be able to login to PressReader with your Hertfordshire Library account. I'm going to create a ticket so that our team can investigate further. 

Speak with you soon.

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Thanks for the reply. I thought someone had actually seen and acted on my issue already as a couple of days after posting this, I was then able to log in and link my PressReader account with my Herts library account and then download and read a newspaper.

However, when I came in to log on to the website just now, although the accounts are still linked, I was being asked to pay for newspapers. I tried unlinking the accounts and then re-linking but it then said my library account was already in use. I then tried logging in with just the library card details (not my press reader account) and it let me in, but with the warning that it was for 2 days and 23 hours.

This is all seems very confusing and as I am trying to set it up for my 73 year old mother to be able to use, I'm fairly sure she won't be able to deal with all of this. Is this how it is supposed to work? Can I not link the library card account to a press reader account and keep them linked and working  - and, if so, why do you allow them to be linked in the first place? Do I have to log out and then back in every three days with my library account? Is there nowhere that explains these things? It seems like a very useful service but these bugs and\or complexities mean that it is going to be impractical to use for a large number of elderly library users, which is a great shame.



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