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Partial display after High Sierra install

I installed the new High Sierra operating system on the weekend. I'm not sure if this is the cause but when I downloaded the newspaper this morning, only the first couple of papes will display correctly on the app that I use on my computer. The rest of the newspaper is visible on he preview slider at the bottom of the screen but clicking on a page doesn't bring up the corresponding page to read. I only see a blank window that's filled with the vertical stripes of the Pressreader wallpaper.

I've also checked my previous downloads, which previously didn't present any problems when trying to read them, but now, with these also, I can only read the first couple of pages. 

I'm not sure if this is related to the operating system upgrade on my Mac, but I'm hoping that there's a solution that's available.

Monique Nenson

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Hello Monique,

Unfortunately current version of PressReader does not support High Sierra. At the moment, we are mostly concentrating on touch screen devices, and will not have an updated Mac PressReader any time soon unfortunately.


PressReader Care


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Hello PressReader Care

What does '...will not have an updated Mac PressReader any time soon unfortunately....' mean?

Next month, next year?  Although Apple should have flagged up the problem app issue with High Sierra and let people know about problems before encouraging download, it would be good to have an indication of when the problem will be resolved

As a long term user of PressReader, it's just a bit frustrating


Mel Benton

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