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Pressreader 5.0 purchase confirmation dialog

This question is about receiving a confirmation dialog when making single purchases as promised for the 5.0 version of the app.

I, like many people I assume, have made many accidental single issue purchases when I incorrectly believed I still had free HotSpot access, but it had actually expired so I was charged for the download.

I was therefore very pleased when I saw that for the latest Pressreader app update, 5.0, in iTunes the description of the changes for the new app, under ‘FIXES’ states:

 “We’ve added a confirmation message for single issue payments after a HotSpot connection. This will avoid any confusion if one HotSpot has expired, and you haven’t picked up a new one yet.”

So after reading the description above, I installed v5.0 and on March 20th  I tested buying a single issue when I did not have HotSpot access: I did not receive a confirmation message and I was charged for the download.

So it would appear that the new feature of ‘a confirmation message for single issue payments’ as stated on the 5.0 app update description  has not been implemented.

Please advise whether the description is wrong or that the confirmation message for single issue purchases will be implemented as stated. Thanks.

Simon Drury

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