Understanding the New PressReader Analytics

To better serve our clients, we built PressReader Analytics to provide you data that makes sense. It is a comprehensive dashboard designed to give you a better understanding of your patrons, with insights to help you improve PressReader usage. With enhancements in features and functionality, combined with metrics and common terminology used in product and content analytics, the reports measure overall usage and engagement within your PressReader Hotspot.


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New features highlights


  • Data export
  • Average Session Length Count
  • New Data Range selection
  • Advanced Data Filters (Device type, OS, Registration and more)
  • Audience Interests



While the metrics used in PressReader Analytics are very similar to the ones on Hub (previous report platform), please note key updates below:


The report numbers might change


Stats are dynamic, readership number for the same period might change due to radiant access and post download reading events (e.g. patron downloads an issue today but only opens and reads it two months after)


Article Reads Count


Enhanced article calculation, we now count all articles displayed in page view as well.


Session (PressReader Analytics) vs Connections (Hub)


Sessions are similar to Connections, however, there are a few key differences. A session ends after 10 minutes of user inactivity, while a connection ends after 5 minutes of user inactivity or at midnight. The next subsequent user activity after interruption contributes to a new session/connection.


Issue Opens (PressReader Analytics) vs Issues Read (Hub)


We count Issues in similar ways on both platforms (the number of unique publication issues read based on a combination of Issue Id and Session Id). However, session time is different in Hub (5 minutes) and PressReader Analytics (10 minutes) and, because of that, Issues totals tend to be higher on hub since it’s session ends earlier and additional ones created, resulting in additional counts on Issues, Articles and Sessions.


Unique Users Count


Metrics in Hub and PressReader Analytics are calculated differently. One of the key differences is that Hub sums numbers by day, while PressReader Analytics counts truly unique values in the given time period. I.e. when looking at the month period where the same user uses the app every day, in PressReader Analytics you will see 1 unique user, while in the Hub you can see 30 (according to the description). Therefore, in PressReader Analytics, the sum of unique users by day will not be equal to number of unique users over month.

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