How to connect through a Library

PressReader offers onsite, and offsite access to the platform, courtesy of the library or institution. That means, members of your library can use PressReader while at the location connected to the library, as well as after leaving the premise for a predetermined period of time. Usually for 24 hours before they need to re-authenticate again. If you would like to offer a longer period of offsite access (radiant hours) please contact your representing sales representative.

How this works:

  1. Access through wifi connection (onsite)

If users visit your library and connect their personal device to the wifi network, they will be able to use PressReader after leaving the premise for an extended period. The radiant (extended) access is dependent on your library's subscription.

  1. Access through library's website (offsite)

Libraries with a login page on their website use a URL referrer to authenticate patrons, This option redirects users to As the redirect is through a link, we recommend this method for browser use only.


You can also watch this instruction video How to access PressReader using your library Card


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