New tools for maintaining your Channel

This week we've added new tools to help you keep your Channel fresh. Do you want to super charge your social presence and update your Channel followers? Of course — who wouldn't? You can also plug in your blog posts and website updates. Showcase your own work next to the columns of the journalists you love! Let's take a look.

1. Auto Share

Take your Collections to the next level by sharing stories instantly on Facebook and Twitter. Set up Auto Share to post stories from your favorite Collections, and invite your friends to jump in. Articles will appear as you mark them in PressReader, together with the comments that you've made. 

2. Smart Collections

Do you find marking articles to save in a collection takes too much time? Forget about searching for content that you want to share. Set up a Smart Collection to bring the stories to you!

Smart Collections will mark stories from one of your existing topics to a Collection, as soon as it appears on PressReader. The Collection will be updated, and the stories will appear in your Channel right away. Only those stories that perfectly match your topic parameters will appear. Followers of your Channel will see these articles as they appear in the Home Feed. 

Take your Smart Collection one step further and auto share it on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll always be the one with the scoop!

3. RSS Import

Reach new audiences for your website, and have your posts appear next to syndicated columns from the Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart Living, Lonely Planet, Forbes, Stuff and many more. It's easy to do. Just add the RSS feed and choose a Collection that will keep a record of your posts. Your posts will appear on PressReader as soon as they do on your own site. Followers of your Channel will see them in their Home Feed right away. You’ll also be able to tie these posts into your social networks with auto sharing.

Ready to get started? Login to, and visit the Manage Account page.