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Whether you’re new to PressReader or you’ve been a fan for years, you can always find the content you love on our website and mobile appNot only can you browse the largest selection of full-content publications in one place, you can also make use of many interactive features designed to engage and delight readers, regardless of age, nationality, language or viewing preferences. 

Check out these tips for enhancing your reading and sharing enjoyment, and discover why PressReader is the go-to source for your favorite content. 

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The home feed, a cosy place to find your news 

PressReader’s unlimited home feed provides an endless stream of full-content articles tailored just for you, based on your interests, location and language preferences. 


Reveal articles in place to read the full story 

  • Tap on the green arrow at the bottom of any article snippet to expand the entire story in your feed, right where you’re reading, with no pop ups and no jumping around. 


  • Add keywords to My Topics and receive alerts when articles that interest you are released, so you never miss a news story that matters to you. Tap or click on your favorite topics to read the latest stories. 

Connect and engage with other readers through the news 

  • Share your thoughts and support or oppose any story, add comments or reply to others. 
  • Follow the comment icon at the end of an article to read or make a comment. 
  • Choose to support or oppose a story by selecting either the thumbs up or down iconfill in the comment box and hit Post. 


  • Forgot to say something or changed your mind? No problem. Just tap on your comment to edit or delete it.  
  • Tapping on another reader’s comment will allow you to reply and start a conversation. 
  • Share articles through email and social media, or save them for read later. 
  • Click or tap on the sharing icon at the end of an article to open the Share menu and choose where you’d like to share the article. Add a note to it and Share.  
  • Save stories you want to keep and organize them into collections for quick and easy access.  
  • To mark a story, tap on the bookmark icon at the end of the story. Your marked stories are always available to you to read or share, even if they are no longer publicly available on the system. 
  • Add the article to previously set up and labelled collections by checking one or more boxes or create a new collection for it. 


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The Publication Hub: Carousels, categories and customization 

Finding your favorite publications and discovering new ones has never been easier. 

We’ve organized our catalogue of 7,000+ publications into an engaging interface that allows for quick search and discovery as well as the ability to curate how content is presented to you. 


Find and access interesting publications instantly 

  • Tap on Publications in the main navigation menu to PressReader’s carousel of titles showcasing local, featured and favorite newspapers and magazines. 
  • Search for publications by country, language or publication type. 


  • Scroll down screen further to see all your favorite titles under My Publications, top free newspapers, top free magazines and your most recently read issues. Whether you’re into food, sports, lifestyle, technology, or other types of magazines, you’ll be sure to find entertaining and engaging titles that suit your interests 
  • Discover magazines that match your personal interests by browsing categories. Once you’ve found a publication you want to download, select it and discover the options available to you. 
  • View the latest issues and available archives 
  • Download any issue you want, instantly (with or without supplements). 
  • Add the title to My Publications (i.e. your favorites). 
  • Tell PressReader to automatically download new issues as soon as they are published and instantly access downloaded issues through the “downloaded” button on the Main Navigation menu. 
  • View the full list of your downloaded titles, including NEW issues you haven’t yet read, on the Downloaded screen.  
  • Green dots indicate unread issues, as does the “New” badge on covers. 
  • Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen and select “List” view to see the number of pages and size in megabytes for each issue. 
  • Select the issue to read it now, or have it read to you using the audio icon. 


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Preferences: Personalize PressReader just for you 

Everyone reads news a little bit differently, which is why we’ve integrated special features that allow you to customize PressReader to suit your personal reading preferences. 


Adjust Settings to deliver news your way 

  • Personalize your feed for an endless stream of top news stories that fit your interests. You can set the app to display your home feed on launch in settings. 
  • Blue highlights indicate links you can to open stories in text view for easy reading. To find the most authentic newspaper or magazine replica experience, turn the highlights off in settings. 
  • Disable full screen in settings and keep the top and bottom navigation menus visible while reading. 


Build your own publication from sources you love 

  • Personalize your home feed with news from specific locations, sections of your favorite publications and topics. 
  • Tap the + in the text view of a publication’s Table of Contents to add the section to your Home Feed. 
  • Choose to display Featured Sections. 
  • Set topics and read news that interest you. 

 These tips will help you discover new ways to enjoy PressReader. If you have suggestions for features, you’d like to see added, send us feedback by tapping on the Settings menu. 

Happy reading! 


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