Enabling Text-to-Speech

Enabling-Text-to-Speech.jpgA familiar voice. Less data.

PressReader now offers the option to use your own device's speech engine to read articles out loud. Just open the app, download your favorite newspaper or magazine, and enable Text-to-Speech. When you tap Listen to start your session, you'll be able to use the arrows to skip ahead in the issue, or back to the previous article at any time. The radio mode in PressReader will instantly acquire all of the audio preferences from your device. It will use the voice you've chosen, and the speech speed that you've previously selected. The stories will be read in this way until you change your Text-to-Speech (TTS) settings.

If you aren't sure whether you've enabled TTS, here's how you can check for it on your own device:

Apple iconOn your iOS device, go to Settings and open Reading. Turn on the Native iOS text-to-speech feature. The text-to-speech feature will allow you to set speaking rate as well.


Android iconOn your Android device, open Settings and select Language & input > Text-to-speech output. This screen will hold all of your speech customization options.


Windows iconOn your Windows device, open the Settings menu and choose Ease of Access. The text-to-speech engine is called Narrator. Tap on it to see all of your voice, speed, and pitch settings.


We'd love to hear your thoughts. Tell us which title you listen to in our Community Forum.

Happy reading!

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