Comments & Opinions (VIDEO)

How to create an opinion

Once you have signed in on PressReader, just right-click on any article in the Home Feed and select 'Comment'.

The comment field allows you to write as much as you like, and to share your own photos or online videos.

Opinions, on the other hand, are short summary statements that take a side on an issue. You can add opinions just below the comment box. 

Add your opinion to news stories on PressReader to make your voice heard on issues you care about. Example opinions are: “Save the arctic,” or “Ban flamethrowers.” Opinions gain momentum as more people support them.

What are the most popular opinions?

There are so many PressReader articles published, shared and commented on every day. Are you wondering what everyone’s talking about? Now you can find all current discussions happening on PressReader on the Opinion Trends map.

 Do you want the local scoop? The map will display the most active opinions in your community. The green circles represent people supporting those opinions. Just click on a circle to zoom in, or zoom out for a more global perspective. The list of opinions appears on the right. You can sort them by popularity , recency , or a combination of both , using the icons at the top.

Browse the list of opinions for topics that interest you, or just have a peek at what your neighbors are saying. Each statement will show the total number of supporters at the beginning and recent recruits at the end:


If you find one that you agree with, tap on the  button to show your support.

Do you want to make a name for yourself on PressReader? You’ll find a list of the top opinion leaders below the map. The tags tell you which topics each person is most passionate about. The darker the color of the tag, the more popular the topic. Become an opinion leader on PressReader by rallying supporters to your cause. Just add your opinions to articles, share them to your social networks, and make your voice heard!