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Welcome to PressReader! You're going to love having convenient access to all your favorite publications in one place, along with the opportunity to discover new content from around the globe. Let’s walk through six simple steps to learn how to navigate PressReader’s many, easy-to-use features. 

1. Browse

When you first open in your browser, you can navigate to the For You section at the top of the page to find your Home Feedautomatically populated with top stories from your location’s latest publications. 

Browsing this unlimited newsfeed is easy; simply scroll or swipe from right to left and view new articles as they appear through our easy reading horizontal stream. 

Find an article that catches your eye? Just click or tap on the article’s title, or the little green arrow at the bottom of the article, to reveal the full story. 

This unlimited newsfeed is easy to browse; simply scroll right across the screen and new articles will appear in an easy-to-read horizontal stream called SmartFlow

Find an article that catches your eye? Just click on the article title or the little green arrow at the bottom of the article to reveal the full story.





2. Search

You can find articles from newspapers and magazines that you already love and discover new publications by using the cross-title Search feature. Looking for stories on a particular topic? Advanced Search is also available at the bottom of your search list for a more in-depth and specific approach. 

Advanced Search can be used to search across specific titles available on PressReader from a set day or time frame. You can also filter your search results by language, date, keyword location and by author. 



3. Sign Up

Free, one-step registration means that signing up for PressReader is as easy as it is affordable. All you need to provide is your email address, password, and name. 

You can also sign up using your favorite social network account. 



4. Personalize

Registration allows you to take advantage of a much richer selection of features to further enhance your reading experience. As a registered user, you can: 

  • Customize your home feed as uniquely as you read: 
  • Followingreceive updates from people, groups and publishers that interest you 
  • My Topics: curate for your interests, such as politics, technology, sustainability or fitness 
  • Country: choose from over 100 different countries around the globe 
  • View Sections from specific publications and increase the quality and relevance of your news feed with your favorite sports, business, technology or entertainment news 
  • Set up Email Alerts and receive notifications when new articles are published on a topic of interest 
  • View Similar Articles and get a new perspective on the same topic 



5. Share, Discuss, and Save

Reading the news is far more rewarding when you can share it with friends, discuss with others and save it for future reference. Free registration enables you to: 

  • Share articles with friends, family, colleagues and social media followers 
  • Copy stories into your Evernote, OneNote, or Instapaper accounts with just one click 
  • Print articles in hardcopy or save them as PDFs 
  • Vote on viewpoints being presented in articles to support or oppose them 
  • Comment on articles and view the comments and profiles of others who also have something to say. You will discover other articles they have saved through their profiles as well 
  • Add your Opinion through comments and connect with like-minded people. Share views with each other throughout multiple articles and spark debate and discussion with other readers.  
  • Save to Collection — Mark articles for future reference and organize them into separate collections.  Saved stories are always accessibleeven when the publication is no longer available 



6. Subscribe

As a Premium subscription, you can enjoy all the features described above, plus: 

  • Download any publication to your iOS, Android, Windows, tablet or smartphone using device-optimized PressReader Apps, available on all the popular app stores. 
  • Choose between PressReader’s familiar horizontal Text View stream, or Page View mode to read articles and entire issues exactly as they appear in print. Flipping between each viewing mode is done with one click or tap on the icons at the bottom left of the screen. 




PressReader apps provide full-content publications and all the features you’ve come to enjoy on, plus a few more you’ll be delighted to discover.

This quick start guide is intended to get you up and reading quickly and connecting with other PressReader users through news.  For more in-depth descriptions of’s features, we invite you to continue reading our "Tips & Tricks".

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