Managing what you share on PressReader

All accounts have channels on PressReader that are public by default. Every time you connect to a HotSpot or favorite a publication, you’ll be added as a follower of that HotSpot or publication channel. If you’d prefer to follow these channels anonymously, you can change your nickname and URL in your Manage Account settings from, on the Channel tab.


Similarly, your collections and shares are public by default. You can make these private by logging into your channel and tapping on each collection name. Clear the public checkbox to mark each one private. (Twitter is the one exception to this rule, since articles there have already been shared publicly on Twitter.)


Unfollow other channels to remove the name of your account from their list of followers. You can do that from your own channel by tapping on See All next to your Following list and tapping on each green check mark. When the check mark turns gray, then you've successfully unfollowed the account. You can also unfollow a channel by tapping on the green Following button on the channel page. If you visit the same HotSpot again, or favorite that publication again, you will not be added again as a follower.



Still have questions? You'll find more information in the "Your Channel" article, or you can send a note directly to us at 

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