Personalize your reading experience

Most libraries and institutions offer PressReader to their patrons as a simple download and read platform. Users come in or log on remotely, read the articles that they're interested in and do it all over again the next day. Did you know? PressReader allow users with sponsored access to create a free user account. This enables them to customize their reading experience and make PressReader truly personal to them.

Though not mandatory, we encourage all users to create a PressReader account to unlock far more features available on our platform. Save topics, share, comment, add favourite titles, and bookmarking articles are just some of the personalized functions to name.

As a library, this alleviates you from being affiliated with any comments or personal opinions by a user. This is why personalization features should be reserved for just that, personal accounts. 

To get started,

1. Access PressReader by any of the authentication methods set up by your library.

2. Once successfully connected, click "Sign In" located at the top right of the landing page. If you have already signed in with your library card information directly on or PressReader app, go to "Manage Account" to add an email address and password. Skip to step 5 to begin customizing reading experience.


3. Select "New User? Sign up now".

4. Enter a personal email address and password to create the PressReader account.

5. Begin personalizing your reading experience with some of our helpful video tutorials.

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