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Everyone who creates an account on PressReader is given a channel. Your public channel will include information that you'd like to share about yourself, articles that you've commented on or saved to public collections, people that you follow and who follow you, topics that you're an expert on, and opinions that you support on PressReader. You decide what appears here. For any questions about your Channel, please contact us at

Introducing Your Channel 

Let's take a look at a Channel, section by section. 

To view your channel, just click on your name. On the website, you'll choose My Channel from the drop down list.


The first section of your Channel will be a summary of who you are. If you've added your photo, then that will appear here, as well as a map if you've added your city or town. The map can be changed to a background image, if you'd like. (The map or background image have a minimum screen size, and will disappear on smaller screens.) You can choose a nickname, and add a phone number, website and email address. You can include links to your social profiles here too. Click on anything that you'd like to change or add, update the contents and click to Save.


Any opinions that you've supported or created on PressReader will appear just below this section. You can add a new opinion right here, or remove opinions by tapping on the check mark. When you share opinions or add them to your comments, you'll earn status as an Opinion Leader on specific topics. These will be added as tags to your profile to show new followers what you care about.


Everyone that you are following, and who follows you are also on your Channel. When you click on See All next to either of these lists, you'll be able to follow any new followers that you've acquired by clicking on the + next to their name. You can unfollow people in the same way. Just click on See All next to either list, and then you can click on the check marks next to the names. When the check mark turns back into a +, that'll mean that you've unfollowed that person.


To the right of these sections, you'll see the most recent article or post in your channel. This is the post or article that has been shared with your followers. These posts will appear in the Home Feed of every one of your followers, and will also be saved here in your channel. You can always edit a post in your Channel, or remove it entirely, at any time. 


At the far left of the screen, you'll find a menu for your Channel. Collections appear first, and make it easy for you to collect and organize your favorite stories. These save stories for you to share with your followers (if the collection is public), or to reference later (if the collection is private). Public collections have a small icon at the end of the name to indicate that they can be seen by others. Private collections don't have an icon. Use them to create your own cookbook of favorite recipes, or an inspiration folder of beautiful travel destinations, or tips to improve your golf game. 


Managing Your Channel

Your Channel will collect all of the comments that you make on PressReader, but you can also choose to include saved articles from your public collections, bumped articles and bumped comments. Do you want to super charge your social presence and update your Channel followers? Of course — who wouldn't? You can also plug in your blog posts and website updates. Showcase your own work next to the columns of the journalists you love! Let's take a look.

To manage what you share on your channel, just click on your name. On the website, choose Manage Account from the drop down list.


Then, click on Channel to find your profile settings. Many of these are available on the Channel itself, but there are a few features that will only appear on this page. For example, you can set a Nickname here that will appear on the Channel instead of your legal name. You can customize your Channel URL, and add your location to populate the map on your Channel. You can also decide whether to show your linked social profiles on your Channel. If you uncheck the box next to your Facebook account, then it will not appear on your Channel page but you can still login with Facebook and share stories to Facebook. (To fully remove Facebook or any other linked network, click on Account from the top menu and unlink it entirely.) These fields give you full control over the information that you've decided to make public. 


Scroll down past this section, and you'll find another set of tools. The Channel Settings give you the power to decide what appears in your Channel. Do you want to include articles or comments that you've bumped? Just make sure both of those boxes are checked.


Creating A Post

Put your articles next to those of your favorite journalists on PressReader — here’s how.

1.) Where do I start posting? 

      Click on your Channel name, located at the top right of your screen, and select “New Post”.


2.) How do I get started? 

Just start typing! The first line of the post is by default your title, and the subsequent lines are for the body of the post.


3.) Header 

If you want to make a header click on the plus sign and select “header”. This will turn all the text on that line into a header (bold).post3.png

4.) Adding videos to your post 

  • Click on the plus sign post4.png
  • Then click on the video button post5.png
  • You’ll be prompted to copy and paste a link from Vimeo or YouTube.


  • Once you paste the link the video will automatically appear in the post.



 5.) How to publish your post?

Don’t forget to click “Post” at the top right corner of your screen to publish your post in your Channel, otherwise you’ll lose your draft!


6.) Where can I find my post? 

Your post will appear in your Channel and will be shared in the Home Feed of your Followers. You can also create a Collection to add your posts to.

Editing Your Posts

You can make real time edits to your published posts. Add or remove images after you’ve completed a post without losing the content – Efficiency win!

Click the menu button located in the top right hand corner of the post you want to edit.


In the drop down menu, click “edit”


Click Post to save your edits.

Auto Shares

Take your Collections to the next level by sharing stories instantly on Facebook and Twitter. Set up Auto Share to post stories from your favorite Collections, and invite your friends to jump in. Articles will appear as you mark them in PressReader, together with the comments that you've made. 


Smart Collections

Do you find marking articles to save in a collection takes too much time? Forget about searching for content that you want to share. Set up a Smart Collection to bring the stories to you!

Smart Collections will mark stories from one of your existing topics to a Collection, as soon as it appears on PressReader. The Collection will be updated, and the stories will appear in your Channel right away. Only those stories that perfectly match your topic parameters will appear. Followers of your Channel will see these articles as they appear in the Home Feed. 

Take your Smart Collection one step further and auto share it on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll always be the one with the scoop!






YouTube Videos

If you have a YouTube channel, you can also bring this feed into your PressReader Channel. Complete these steps and every new video you create on YouTube will be automatically added to your PressReader Channel, and views will accumulate on your videos in YouTube:
Open your YouTube channel and note the URL in your browser. You should see either or there.

YouTube Channel link 

That’s it! You’ve just plugged your YouTube channel into a whole new audience of viewers.

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