Transitioning from Library PressDisplay to PressReader

Why is PressReader replacing Library PressDisplay?

Think of PressReader as the upgraded version of Library Press Display (LPD). Our app and website are intuitively designed for a simple user experience. Our responsive HTML5 interface and personalization options provide users with a customized reading experience every time. Rather than patrons sharing a single library account, now they can create free individual accounts that are tailored to their needs. With PressReader, Libraries can offer patrons full access to 7,000+ publications in 60+ languages from over 120 countries on their personal mobile devices, tablets and laptops. Free PressReader personal accounts:
  • Sync content across devices - when a user downloads PressReader app on their device they sync their content and downloads across the website and app. In other words, a user viewing the online site in your library can ‘push’ a publication to their tablet that’s sitting at home.
  • Customize what content and story types appear on their personalized home feed
  • Bookmark articles for later reading
  • Curate collections of newspapers and magazines to share on their personal channel
  • Set up alerts for topics of interest based on their preferences (Once a day, every other day or as it happens!)
  • Share and interact. Patrons can engage using social sharing and commenting. They can even create opinions around topics and view how many people support their statements.

What do I, as a Library, need to do to transition to PressReader?

Making the switch is easy. Read this migration guide, select your preferred authentication method and provide us the necessary information as requested. You can also fill out this form and your agent will contact you about making the transition.

With the launch of PressReader will LPD be switched off and when?

We are phasing out Library PressDisplay on April 30, 2017. We strongly encourage transitioning to PressReader as early as possible to allow for a smooth and seamless conversion for your library and its patrons.

How do we access PressReader?

  1. One-step download of the PressReader app. (recommended)
  2. Remotely via PressReader’s website –

Authentication methods available are:

  • IP Authentication
  • URL referral
  • EZ Proxy
  • SIP2

Want to get setup? Contact us to setup additional authentication methods.

What is Radiant Access?

Radiant Access allows users connected to your PressReader HotSpot to have sponsored access for a pre-defined period of time, even after they have left your physical location (HotSpot).

How does Radiant Access Work?

Users simply connect to your network and launch PressReader. If they see a green teacup in the top left corner, they’re connected to your HotSpot and have sponsored access to PressReader. If you enable Radiant Access, they’ll be able to keep using PressReader for a predetermined amount of time no matter where they are. This amount of time is determined by you.

Once PressReader is activated, what maintenance and ongoing work do we have to do?

All you need to do is update information on your website, tell your staff about PressReader and promote PressReader to your visitors. Yup, that’s it! We take care of the rest.

How many people can use PressReader simultaneously in my library?

PressReader allows unlimited users to access PressReader simultaneously in your library. Unlike Library PressDisplay, which is based on a limited number of seats, PressReader operates on a single-subscription model. If you are currently on a seat license model, please contact us to get upgraded to unlimited access.

Where can I find user tutorials?

Visit our PressReader Help Center to find tutorials and a Quick Start Guide to get you on your way: If you wish to follow a step-by-step guide please visit:

Can you help our library roll out PressReader to our patrons?

You bet! Our library Blog offers an array of marketing materials including tutorials and other promotional materials you can print locally to create awareness. For access to the Librarian’s blog, please contact us.

Does PressReader provide user data for PressReader HotSpot?

Yes – just like with Library PressDisplay, we provide statistics based on HotSpot connections, articles and Issues read.

What happens if we continue working with Library PressDisplay?

Library PressDisplay is a legacy product. It continues to run but we will no longer provide support for it. As of April 30, 2017, Library PressDisplay will be shutoff and library patrons trying to access this service will be redirected to the PressReader site ( We strongly encourage you to start the transition today. Your users will simply get more value out of PressReader once you make the switch.

More questions?

We’re always here to help. Drop us a line and someone on our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
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